Wednesday 1 August 2012


Kari McQueen
Calgary 2012 DV 3:04

Translate is the last step in the creative process of the Techne project, which was created at the Interrarium Creation Residency at the Banff Centre of the arts which brought together artists Sarah Chase (choreographer), Marc Fournel (audio and interactive systems), Hiroaki Umeda (choreographer, sounds, image, lighting designer), Suzanna Hood (choreographer) and Kari McQueen (director, videographer, editor).

Tekhne’s themes are based upon the six steps to revelation, developed by Margharita Laski, an English journalist, novelist and playwright.

This video is that of sharing—translating—the experience of artistic development. Sharing is critical to the arts; without the ability to find our audience, no matter if intimate or international, this creates culture and contextualizes our practice within a community.

Kari McQueen is a media artist based in Calgary. She is currently operations director for Fairy Tales Presentation Society.

McQueen has also worked at Springboard Performance, EMMEDIA, and is a co-founder of the Calgary Underground Film Festival. She has been involved as an art educator, programmer and administrator in Calgary for over 14 years. Kari’s most recent video series, Tekhne, was completed in February 2012. She has exhibited in Alberta Scene Albertaine (Ottawa), Calgary International Film festival, Gallery of Media Arts (EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts/AMAAS), Red Deer and District Museum, Festival International du Film sur l’Art (Montreal), and Videos de femmes dans le parc 2009 (Montreal).