Wednesday 1 August 2012

Finding Home

Finding Home
Eva Colmers
Edmonton 2011, HD 11:55

Without possessions and home, the young vagabond Bo is drifting along: from the big city to the desert and the jungle. She uses what others throw away, and with a touch of magic, she overcomes the obstacles in her way to find a true home. Intriguing silhouette imagery and an exciting soundtrack make Finding Home a cinematic delight to watch!

A longer version of this film has been invited to film festivals in Calgary, los Angeles, Yorkton, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Colombo, Shanghai and more.

Finding Home is a newly developed short film based on the longer film The Weightless Traveller (2010 / 16 min) by Eva Colmers which has been invited to film festivals in Calgary, Los Angeles, Yorkton, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Colombo, Shanghai and many more. The Weightless Traveller has won several awards for its unique shadow style.

Eva Colmers is an independent, Edmonton-based filmmaker of dramatic, experimental and documentary work. She has written, directed and/or produced a dozen of short films including The Weightless Traveller, LUZ, End of the Rope, Hand Sum as well as two feature documentaries for the NFB - The Enemy Within and The Elder Project. Her films have been at major festivals around the globe and she has received several awards for her unique style.

Many years ago, Eva has traveled to Java and Bali to study shadow puppetry.
Shadows and light remain important elements in Eva’s cinematic work.

FINDING HOME is a brand-new short film - creatively re-edited and changed from the originally much longer version called The Weightless Traveller which was invited to festivals in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Shanghai, Toronto and many more. FINDING HOME has been released only a few months ago and has charmed audiences at the Dawson City International Film Festival and the Reel Canadian Film Festival in Fernie, thus far. For FINDING HOME, Eva once again joins forces with aAron Munson as DOP and editor.

Presently, Eva is in post-production for her latest short film to be premiered in Fall 2012.