Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch
Greg Doble
Calgary, 2011 Animation 4:47

The Pocket Watch is a non-verbal animation depicting two worlds colliding and how it affects the central character. A man finds himself submersed within a culture much different from that of his own: A highbrow astute gentleman’s era, similar to that of the 1920s decade, but then becomes suddenly entangled with a expressive punk culture populated by fantastical characters. This strange new world forces the protagonist to question the comfort and stability of the life he knows and consider making changes in the newfound direction of excitement.

Greg Doble, a Canadian born filmmaker and based in Calgary, Alberta. Greg often focuses on the mundane as well as on interesting interactions between people, and he often elaborates on everyday experiences in fantastic ways. Doble describes his work as narrative based and characterizes his style as light-hearted with a carefree sentimentality.