Wednesday 1 August 2012


Zoe Slusar & Bailey Kerluke
Black Diamond 2012, HDV 4:38

This film composes several different elements into unified expression of what contributes to our individual identity. It asks the viewer to consider what significant life events build a person up to their complete self, while also suggesting perhaps we are never fully complete. Through a series of photos which develop into video footage, we learn the story of the young woman placing the photos. Each sound is directly linked to the image displayed when the sound becomes audible. The sounds were all recorded specifically for this film using the items which correspond in each photo. The individual sound effects combine to form a rhythmic song which accompanies the young woman assembling her ‘life review’. The last frame is empty, representing the young woman’s future. This is symbolized by her ability to move away from the wall, simultaneously leaving her past memories to tell their story while embracing her unknown future. 

Zoe Slusar and Bailey Kerluke, of Untitled Productions, are based in the Foothills of Alberta where they use their beautiful surroundings as the base for creating their projects. Within Untitled Productions they enjoy the creative freedom of writing, directing, acting in, editing and producing their own independent works. The goals of Untitled Productions are to produce refreshing and entertaining short films, documentaries and feature length films with an emphasis on unique viewpoints about the world. Zoe and Bailey devote their time to making their creative ideas a reality because they love it! They enjoy the challenge and satisfaction involved with all facets of filmmaking. One of the main rewards for them as independent filmmakers is the sense of accomplishment they gain from sharing a completed work that is visually stimulating, thought provoking and entertaining with a live audience. They both consider film to be a strong passion and they are constantly working on new projects. The duo has produced over 40 short films to date, including several International Film Festival Selections and Award Winners. Please visit