Wednesday 1 August 2012

Empezar, in pieces

Empezar, in pieces
Rosanna Terracianno
Calgary, 2011 DV 5:43

Empezar, in pieces is Rosanna’s first short film. Drawing on her experiences as a dancer and choreographer, the film explores elements of dance on film or videodance. In flamenco music, the rhythm, or compás, can eventually take on a certain resonant quality for a flamenco dancer or musician, and becomes a sort of heartbeat or meter for the music being played or the movement being danced. As with any rhythm, this compás stays with you, and resonates within your body in different ways, whether you are directly involved as a mover or musician, or indirectly as a viewer or listener. With this film, Rosanna explored a different way in which this compás or heartbeat can resonate with the viewer; specifically, how can it visually resonate with the viewer? How can a series of images or a certain gesture or everyday movement or action resonate with the viewer with this same driving and persistent quality as the compás? With a single female character present in the film, how can the viewer visually experience the resonance of an artist who goes into herself? This film was created with the support of the EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society’s Production Access Program as a Bars ‘n’ Tone scholarship recipient.

Rosanna Terracciano is an independent flamenco dance artist based in Calgary, who dedicates her work to developing a distinct and personal voice working at the intersection of traditional flamenco and contemporary dance practices. One of her current interests is in translating the essence of the flamenco form into the video/film medium. Rosanna travels to Spain regularly to deepen her understanding of the flamenco tradition. 2011 was a monumental year for Rosanna, with invitations to perform her own contemporary flamenco choreographies for the first time in Spain at the Flamenco Empirico cycle (dedicated to experimental flamenco) of the Flamenco Ciutat Vella Festival in Barcelona and at the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, being selected as one of 11 Alberta choreographers for the Alberta Showcase at the Fluid Movement Arts Festival in Calgary, and having her first short dance film selected to screen at the Festival of Flamenco Short Films in Madrid.