Wednesday 1 August 2012

All Round Junior Male

All Round Junior Male
Lindsay McIntyre
Edmonton 2011, hi-contrast b+w 16mm with mono optical, 7:30 min

A single-subject portrait of a young Nunamiut athlete practicing his sport, focusing on the materiality of film and its surface textures.

Lindsay McIntyre is a film artist and creator from Edmonton, Alberta.  She completed an MFA degree in Film Production at Concordia University in Montreal and also holds a BFA in drawing and painting from the U of A.  She has also studied at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in England and at the New School in New York. Specializing in analogue film work that emphasizes documentary, experimental and handmade techniques, her work has been shown at national and international festivals and venues and won some awards.  Her short films sometimes circle themes of portraiture, place and form.  She has created 23 short films and also does film projection performance.  She generally prefers to do everything the hard way and her current filmic obsessions involve handmade emulsion, 35mm motion picture pinhole photography and all kinds of chemical manipulation of celluloid. 

She teaches film production, handmade film, optical printing, hand-processing and celluloid-based image manipulation.  She is a member of Double Negative of Montreal and the Very Nice Collective of Edmonton.